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Both of my cats came out of hiding to investigate this toy, even the extremely shy one. They were intrigued by the mysterious movement of the magnet from above. What fun!​


- Kim K, FroliCat® SWAY™
Love this toy! It was not only entertaining for my cat but gave him a great workout as well.​
- Mel M, FroliCat® SWAY™
​I LOVED watching Nanda have so much fun, it's probably the biggest smile and most enthusiastic tail-wag I've seen. It was soooo cute!
- Natalie R, FroliCat® DART
​An amusement park for pets!
- Scott R, FroliCat® DART
​Dart is great exercise inside the house for Walter... and is incredibly entertaining for us to watch as well!!
- Jay & Sarah V , FroliCat® DART
Best laser toy I've found. The movement is both slow and irregular enough to keep the cats interested without frustrating them.​
– J. Smith, FroliCat® BOLT
Solid addition to your arsenal against cat boredom.​
– S. Patton , FroliCat® BOLT
I volunteer at a no-kill, no-cage cat shelter in Atlanta, GA. Someone donated one of these toys to the shelter and it couldn't be more fun, both for the cats and the people watching! Whether you have kittens or cats, they cannot resist the random movements of this laser toy.​
– P. Anderson, FroliCat® BOLT
This product is probably the best cat toy I have ever purchased. Spend the money for your cats. It shuts off automatically, which puts a time limit for the cats and the batteries.
– L. Sica, FroliCat® BOLT
Being a full time college student and working I am rarely at home, so when I saw this new toy product Bolt I was excited. I was able to adjust the laser light at different heights and settings, and by placing it on the floor or table, my cats were entertained for hours. They loved it even more when I picked it up and played with them as they enjoy running back and forth attempting to catch the red light. Thanks for entertaining my cats!
- Cristina G, FroliCat® BOLT